We have 5 puppies from this cross. 3 males and 2 females They should be really nice big dogs when grown
Male #3 Bossman                                       Male #3 Bossman             Male #3 Bossman
Female #1 Fancy                                            Female #1 Fancy                 Female #1 Fancy
                    Pick order
First pick male Tuff-- Maria H.                 First pick female --Jeanenne M.
2nd pick male  --- Chris T.                       2nd pick female --- John H.
3rd pick male   ----open
Sold                                   Sold                                Sold
Maria Iowa                      Maria Iowa                  Maria Iowa
Male #2 Tuff                                           Male #2 Tuff                              Male #2 Tuff
Sold                                                    Sold                             Sold
Chris  Ms.                                         Chris  Ms,                    Chris  Ms,
               Female #2 Jewel                                           Female #2 Jewel         Female #2 Jewel
    Sold                                                      Sold                              Sold
Jeanenne Ms.                                          Jeanenne Ms.              Jeanenne Ms.
 Sold                                             Sold                            Sold               
John & Jessica Tx                                  John & Jessica Tx                               
This is a link to the pupies pedigree  
        Male #1 Blue Boy             Male #1 Blue Boy                             Male #1 Blue Boy           
30 Days old in these pictures
SOLD                                 SOLD                                              SOLD
    Ty Pa.                    Ty  Pa.                                                   Ty Pa.