David and Yvonne,
I just wanted to let you guys know
how VERY much we appreciate and
love our little "Gracie."
She has made herself at home, and
she has a mind of her own as well.
Her temperament is outstanding and
she plays so well with our big baby
Everyone at the St. Paddy's Day
parade wanted her and took pics of
her, lol.
Thank ya'll so much, once again.

Krissy Hall

Gracie is out of Flex and Sadie,                     
This is Eli (Gator & Bossie) 120lbs, born 7-2011, great personality,
loves to ride 4 wheelers and swim in the pond.
Thanks, Cliff and Reba  Jackson, Al
This Is Abby (Flex-- Jazzy ) April 2011. She lives in North Carolina
This is a pair of puppies from Gator and Cookie @ 6 & 1/2 weeks old.
I wish the picture was clearer
but one of the girls fell asleep
on Beaux a while back. He just
laid there until she was done.
I saw beaux was on your site as a
pup. He is getting big now. He is a
great family guardian and as
sweet as can be with my twin 3
year old girls
This is Tucker ( Gator & Bossie ) He now lives in Canada with Bryan
A special Christmas present for a special little
lady!!                  2012 (Gator & Bossie)