This is what it's all about!!
                               Rebel (Gator & Cookie)
 They say he is spoiled already.... I would say so!!! Love it!
ust wanted to send you an update and a few 4-month photos.
Maggie was 42 pounds at her 4-month vet visit (she gained
15 pounds in the last month).  She seems perfectly healthy.
She and our 7 yr. old Brittany Spaniel, Lily, love to wrestle
and they go at it until one of them gives out.
Our youngest son just turned four, and Maggie follows him
everywhere.  They make quite the pair (did you get the photo
of them in the sand box together), and he is not the least bit
intimidated by her, if she gets out of line he grabs her by the
collar and tells her "NO MAGGIE", and she just lays down
until he turns loose.  She is even winning Casey over as you
can tell from the photo.  She's a funny dog, and the calmest,
best behaved four month old puppy I believe I've ever been
around, could just be laziness, but I'll take it either way.  
Hustler Flex and Bonnie @ 3
mounths old
Tuff (Gator & Cookie)
A wonderful home with
the        Manfrate family!
And Tuff again just a
little bit bigger
This is a pup
from Bossie and
Flex. He lives
with the Wyatts.
He has made a
Very pretty
This is Dutch (AKA Magnum) He lives with Mike In
Minnesota. On his way to becomingj a really nice
This is Tank. He now lives with Travis and Family
in Louisiana. Looks like he has a life long friend
Tuff and Bella ( Flex and Bonnie cross)
Watching tv  They live with Scott And
Tuff at 9 &1/2 months old.
Looks a lot like his
Grandaddy Gator