This is Lager (Pete & Bobo) pictured @ 7mts. old
This is Tank (Pete & Baby Girl) He lives in Indiana here are a couple photos, .  
He has a very good temperament, I have had a problem with him and other male dogs,  he never starts anything …
he just seems to finish it. He loves cats and other small animals, and is stranger friendly once they’ve been properly
introduced.  He has truly been a blessing to our home.  Thanks a bunch.
This is
with his new
Jezebelle. (Gator
& Bossie)
This is Crank (Pete & Bobo) with his new rottie friend He lives
in                                        upstate New York
Twister AKA Phoebe and her new best friends
    And people wonder why we do this
This is Ming Ming (Gator &
Bossie) helping with the hard
job of digging in the sand
box. And again at 9 Mts old
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Nitro of red oaks at six months old With owner Bryan and  with Gator
He is from a Gator & Bossie breeding
Red Oaks Cookie Monster at 11months .from a Pete & Bobo breeding
Red Oaks Bo Jazzie (Gator & Bobo cross) at 3 1/2 months old
This is Marshall (Gator & Bossie) with his new family in Texas
Saige made it to her new home
and her new Best Friend
Dawson in North Dakota!
We r definitely excited bout our second pup,
especially how Diesel has turned out thus far. He's
doing amazing, weighed in at vet last Friday at 74lbs
he is huge! Super well mannered, alert, great drive,
friendly with other animals, and smart ( loves catching
frisbee and balls). I will send a few pics when I get
home from work.
Mike and siarra  
                         in Nevada
Diesel   Jazzy and Flex pup  @ 7 mts old
Not sure if you
can see or not
but Phoebe is
asleep in the
crate. Woke up
this am to this.